Silky Cimanaracun Waterfall

Citatih or Citarik rafting for adrenaline rush

Trailing the tropical forest using Ojek

Kampoeng Padi is strategically located in between interesting landmarks in Sukabumi District, West Java.

Just nearby, you will find the Situgunung Natural Park artificial lake and the Curug Cimanaracun, one of the cleanest natural waterfalls in West Java, a favourite at Kampoeng Padi. You can choose to trek through 1.5 kilometers track of dense tropical forest or opt for an Ojek Extreme ride (a heart-pumping motorcycle ride through a narrow and steep track, remember a track not a road).

For adrenaline junkies, Kampoeng Padi is in a close proximity to 2 rafting sites: Citarik and Citatih Rivers. Citarik River has a great tropical landscape view while Citatih River has more challenging rafting routes.

If you are looking for the untouched and virgin tropical rainforest, Kampoeng Padi is more than happy to bring you to Gunung Halimun National Park where you can do the real jungle tracking, observe glowing mushrooms at night and visit the clean bright rivers and waterfalls.

Kampoeng Padi is situated nearby the Pelabuhan Ratu beach, famous for the thrilling waves, the legendary Nyi Roro Kidul (Queen of the Southern Sea) and the famous Buniayu Caving where you can enjoy a cup of coffee deep under the mother earth.