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Antiques with unique story behind each one

The majestic 18th century Arjuna Joglo

Kampoeng Padi is built upon a fusion of Javanese and Balinese architecture complete with all the comforts of modern facilities, nestled in the serenity of traditional Sundanese village.

Kampoeng Padi spans 2 hectares of fertile paddy field and consists of 5 villas; Rumah Limas, Rumah Miring, Rumah Wayang, Rumah Jineng, Rumah Lembah 1 and 2. Each villa is distinct, uniquely designed with its own flavour and history. Each one is bedecked with hundreds of authentic Indonesian and South-East Asian arts and antiques collected personally by the owner, an avid traveler and arts collector. Ask him, he’ll be happy to tell you a story behind each one.

Kampoeng Padi’s signature is the 18th century Arjuna Joglo, from Ponorogo, East Java. This architectural majesty is built without a single nail and is made of ancient teak wood. It is believed that to strengthen the structure its top most wood plank must be embedded with pure gold. Now, it is the place for you to have your meals, meetings and seminars.

Kampoeng Padi hosts a massive collection of unique tropical plants ranging from the sour nam-nam fruits that grows just above the tree’s root to the mysterious soaring hardwood tree that is visible from far. We don’t harvest all of the fruits. We keep the ones we need and reserve the rest for our woodland friends. If you are lucky, you may even catch a glimpse of an eagle that flies faraway from Mount Salak in search for food.